Seiko 5 series question - J1 same as US models?

Though I've been doing my best to stay away from acquiring yet another watch, the Seiko 5 has caught my eye and been nagging at me.  The particular model is the SNKP15 and the J1 version.  I've seen multiple sites list them at different prices, but the main difference I see is that one ebay seller lists the J1 version at 22mm band width, while other sellers and list the regular US version at 20mm.  

I know the 5 series is very popular and wanted to know if any of you have run across this before where the JDM model would have a larger band size than the US release, but everything else (esp dial size) was the same?


It should be the exact same


Well, I took the chance and paid a little extra to get the JDM/J1 version, and yes, IT IS a different size.  This J1 was a 22mm band width while both ebay and amazon sellers list the international/US version as 20mm.  On top of that, the clasp on the bracelet is signed "Seiko 5 Japan" which is a nice touch.  I wanted the wider bracelet and paying a little more for the JDM was worth it in my book.  

So for anyone that comes across this thread down the road with a similar question, hope this helps.