I gifted my wife a Tissot automatic

Introduction first… In this year I bought my first automatic watch, a humble Seiko SNK809. I really liked the watch and it was the “gateway drug” for the following ones 😆. As I learn more about mechanical and automatic watches, I also showed them to my wife and she started to get interested as well, but she didn't like the prices 😬. She already liked to wear watches, but only affordable “fashion watches”.

So, I had the idea and convinced her to accept an automatic watch as a gift. We were looking for some affordable and conservative options between Orient, Seiko and Tissot, and we found an excellent option in the budget (400 € max) and obviously to her taste, after all, a watch is a personal choice.

As she approved I pulled the trigger, here it is, a Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles, 32mm, sapphire crystal, Powermatic 80. She loved it! #tissot