Field Diver???

I looove this Seiko field watch diver mod, but there's no way I'm paying someone $100's for one from someone who isn't THE watchmaker in question, plus I'm not taking into account whether it's actually ethical to buy a modded watch in the first place.

But it remains that I do love the aesthetic of a diver without a (often huge) bezel.

Do these watches exist in their natural form? 

Any suggestions for my next purchase welcome please 馃檹

With the huge lume plots, the only one that comes to mind immediately might be the Black Bay 36? It鈥檚 not a field watch at all but reads very similar. Maybe another would have been the Maen Greenwich GMT - again, not a field watch but similar looks.


It is possible I鈥檓 misunderstanding exactly what you鈥檙e looking for, but these came to mind:



and Unimatic


The Unimatic does have a bezel but it isn鈥檛 as prominent as many (at least to me).


i believe this one is the closest from what you want. its a seiko too

I wouldn鈥檛 worry about the ethics here. Somebody bought that watch from Seiko, so they got paid for their work. Unless a person mods a watch and tries to pass it off as a factory Seiko, I say it鈥檚 their property and they can do as they please.聽



Ball Engineer Master Diver

Diving With The Ball Watch Engineer Master II Diver Chronometer - Quill &  Pad

Baltic aquascaphe

These Dive Watches All Have a Special Feature


Bradner 鈥 Spinnaker Watches

Big Idea Design did a collaboration with RZE to make a titanium field watch with a rotating bezel聽


Or if you want a dive watch with a more discrete bezel Clemence Watches make a nice one聽


And Tom the founder is on Watch Crunch.聽