Digital Watches and Motorsport

Explore the exciting world of digital watches and their connection to the driving and racing car aesthetic in this fascinating area of watchdom. Discover the history of some of the most iconic digital watch brands like Buler, Dugena, Seiko, Heur, Omega, Tissot, Casio, and Citizen, and their marketing links with the racing world. Find out how these brands used the racing theme in their designs and advertising to appeal to consumers. From the classic Swiss-made Buler Nuccio Bertone Stratos range to the iconic Heur Chronosplit, there are plenty of examples to admire. We will also jump into the 80s and the casio and seiko digital watch favourites of Ayrton Senna, and Group C racing heroes. The 90s brings digital tachymeters and 1/1000 digital chronographs, as well as the sport of drifting and the hero that is Colin McRae with his penchant for a Casio. Don't miss out on this exciting journey into the history of digital watches and their connection to the world of motor sport and driving