Recap: Crazy Ride that was 2022!

This will come off as a humble-brag, but believe me, I didnt think I'd pull this off! My lil Instagram account has managed to get me access to so many brands in the last few years that I thought I would push it for 2022. It started off early in January & Feb when I received many watches that I revealed a new watch a week in those 2 months. I then thought to myself, "what if I did this all year... 52 watches... am I crazy?!"

I pitched this idea to every microbrand and big brands too. Surprisingly, many thought it would be a fun idea and were happy to indulge me!

So I did it. A #NewWatchAlert a week for 52 weeks! Here are some of my favourite highlights:

Started off the year with a fun Canadian brand and with Kid Cognito:

Then the first big brand jumped on the train:

Not to be outdone, OMEGA sent me the new SM300 in both steel and gold/bronze!

Longines joined the party with this new duo of GMTs:

Did an ASMR unboxing of Rado's new Worldtimer which became one of my highest viewed lol:

One of the craziest was when Cittizen Canada let me take their new Promaster Fugu on vacation to unbox it in Cuba!

The SWATCH Group also invited to some awesome parties (saving one for the end):

New watches dont wait at home, so this Nomos gets unboxed poolside during another vacation hehe:

Some brands enjoy Kid Cognito's reaction so much that they send watches just for him to unbox:

I also realized, I have friends with cars that fit some of the watch themes, so why not borrow them!

German chrono meets German icon:

Tokyo Drift meets Ettore Drift:

Bulova's WWII reissue deserved to be amongst machines of its time:

Panda Party:

Not to be left out, the wife even got in on the action! LOL (wait for it)

Sometimes you pan for gold and find some!

I love it when brands agree to my crazy ideas!

When I pitched an underwater unboxing in the middle of December in Toronto to Whitby Watch Co, they were in!

The two main highlights of the year had to be OMEGA Canada sending me a $35k solid gold Speedy to play with along with some cool swag:

And then Hamilton Canada sending me to Hollywood for their Behind the Camera Awards where I got to see celebs and meet watchfam celebs like Ariel Adams, Teddy Baldassarre, and RedBarCrew founder Adam Craniotes:

And finally, new watch #52 to end the year was just revealed days ago and it's bluetiful!

Whew! Insane and stressful year coordinating all these reveals haha. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did!

I have something different planned for 2023 so stay tuned!


A lot of amazing watches, just started following 🥳


That yellow gold Speedy is…


A lot of amazing watches, just started following 🥳

Thank you kindly! 


That yellow gold Speedy is…


So heavy too! 


Which unboxing did you enjoy the most?