Arguably my most meaningful watch

This watch is the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon.  This was my first Swiss mechanical watch.  I received this from my parents as my high school graduation gift.  Water resistant to 1100 ft antimagnetic to 80,000 a/m or 1,000 gauss.  This watch is an overbuilt tank and a piece that isn’t usually seen in the wild. This has been with me through a lot.  From my first day in college, Christmas in Tokyo trips to Los Angeles & San Francisco I don’t get to wear it as much anymore cause it’s quite big and heavy, this watch sits at 15mm tall and weighs around 170 grams with the bracelet sized to my 7inch wrist.  Every time I do get the chance to wear it I’m reminded of all my past adventures and also the big smile on my mom & dad’s face the night before graduation day when they presented me with this watch 🙏🏼❤️


Built to last a lifetime!