My circle sucks, i need new buddies that are watch enthusiasts

One time when I bought my first watch, the Philip Persio (budget watch company I don't know if people know it) it was a cool budget watch I loved it because I was starting and I was broke. My friends were shocked that I bought it for about 45 USD which where I come from is a lot of money, its basically like a two week 3 meal a day worth. I was pretty mad I had to explain why i bought the watch for that price for a bunch of my friends who weren't enthusiasts. They are great though but not enthusiasts. I want someone who I meet for my age(I am 23) that appreciates watches. I dislike explaining myself why I buy a watch from a certain brand or micro band or why I spend a lot on a "small time object"

The image is the first watch I think it's pretty cool. Bye.

Watch collecting needs no explanation. It a matter of tast. If you like a watch, then that鈥檚 it. It鈥檚 good for you and who cares what others think.

Welcome, new buddy!

Roughly 30 to 40 percent of people collect something. Small children collect bits of sea shell, not even complete shells. It doesn't make sense to tell them not to. No collection, not even high end art, can withstand a truely utilitarian analysis.

That's a good looking watch. No explanation necessary here.