SOTC August 23, 2022

In this video I discuss the first twelves of the twenty four vintage watches that I own and sometimes work on. Some of these watched will be familiar to those who have watched the videos on my YouTube channel, some will be less familiar. In the next few weeks I plan to start doing in depth videos about each of them. These watches are all from the late 1950s to the late 1960s with the Bell-Matic being manufactured perhaps as late as 1971.

  1. IWC (International Watch Company) Cal 853 Stainless Steel
    2. Omega Seamaster Stainless Steel
    3. Consul Automatique Stainless Steel
    4. BE-BA Precision ETA 2472 Stainless Steel
    5. Micosa Helvetia Stainless Steel
    6. Datum Geneve ETA 2452 Stainless Steel
    7. IWC Cal 8531 18K Gold
    8. Eterna Eterna-Matic 18K Gold
    9. Lanco Lanco-Rotor 14K Gold
    10. Seiko Bell-Matic
    11. Consul Alarm Stainless Steel
    12. Lanco Langendorf Shooting Club

Great video. You have some very good looking watches there. I appreciate your watchmaker journey and you have a very pleasant voice and tempo. Not that common on Youtube. Normally I prefer untouched vintage watches but you have a very obvious reason for your restoration. Well done馃憤