White Birch review on Hodinkee by Brandon Menancio

Whoa, whoa, whoa! 聽If you've been waiting around for @bshaaw4's promised review of the White Birch, wondering if maybe a heavy bookcase fell on him and he just couldn't reach the video camera to hit the record button, turns out he did the review for Hodinkee!


Awesome review, man!

When I saw this notification on my phone I was taken aback! Been a subscriber for a while and did not expect this.

Beautifully shot and great review! Congrats to Brandon

I lifted the bookcase off him, and nursed @bshaaw4 back to life... I'm so proud of you homeboy 馃ス. You look good in a robe


I lifted the bookcase off him, and nursed @bshaaw4 back to life... I'm so proud of you homeboy 馃ス. You look good in a robe

@Max saved my life! Thanks dude! And glad folks are enjoying the content 馃榿

@Omeganut @Max saved me just in time to hit that record button! Unfortunately, I couldn鈥檛 follow up with my slga007 video because this cool opportunity. I hope people like it!聽

Just subscribed his YouTube channel!

Blown away by this video. Brandon is the man!

Thumbs up for the review, thumbs down for the platform.

This was really nice! Interesting videography and I appreciate the down to earth vibe!

Great video review, @bshaaw4! Who knows, if this Hodinkee site keeps posting quality reviews like yours, it might actually start getting some traction with the watch community. 馃槈

Oh, totally unrelated, but I'm just gonna leave this here as a shameless plug to y'all to consider bidding on this watch in order to help alleviate extreme poverty in Africa - get a watch, help someone in need, get your donation doubled with matching funds:


It was an excellent review. @bshaaw4 did a great job and the down to earth quality of his approach and thoughts is quite refreshing. 聽Keep it up!

Really happy to see @bshaaw4 turning up at Hodinkee - pleased to see someone with some clout spotted his talent.聽

I was a fan from the first video that popped up in my YouTube feed, I love Brandons style and editing approach. Far more fun and colourful than much of the other watch YouTube stuff out there (including Hodinkee's stuff).

Look forward to seeing more content, with this and Cole Pennington's new Watches of the World series, I have had to resubscribe to Hodinkee's channel 馃榾

yes, I just saw the review as well.. Awesome

Great review!!