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🔥TAG Heuer Aquaracer 200🔥

I checked this out a couple weeks ago and I was obsessed ever since. Love the massive helping of brushed stainless and the fit is so nice. It’s arguab...
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Zodiac SSW Pro Diver

This lume is out of control. It was still legible after sitting on the night stand overnight. I charged it up for this shot. Love the lume beneath the...
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I Can’t Help Myself

I needed a new Pilot / Field watch to replace and upgrade my older ones. Enter the Oris. I love its unassuming class and confidence. Happy with the gr...
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Hemlock commented on Who decides the pricing at Tag Heuer? ·

I think it’s worth it. Only a bit more than the caliber 5 and it’s better material. I have the mechanical version and it’s good.

Hemlock commented on A sobering talk with my watchmaker ·

I have a few Seiko watches without any alignment problems. I buy from reputable dealers. I can’t help but suspect Seiko allots some of their less than perfect pieces to eBay sellers and gray market shops. This is an overblown and tired criticism. ‘I got my 4 year old Seiko brand new from wATCHgUY368 on eBay and I’m pissed it’s misaligned.’

Hemlock commented on 🔥TAG Heuer Aquaracer 200🔥 ·

Thanks Adam - After wearing it a few days I’m even more enamored with it.

Hemlock commented on Deepsea or Seadweller? Ultimate Rolex Diver with Gas Escape ·

Those are some serious units. I have a Seiko SPB253 and it’s great. Smaller than average and stealthy black. I’d recommend one of their special editions because they are packaged up with extra attention and sometimes include a strap option. Plus it just feels a little extra special. Happy hunting!

Hemlock commented on 🔥TAG Heuer Aquaracer 200🔥 ·

Thanks! I ignore all the baggage and noise around the brand. I think it’s a handsome and sturdy watch. I heard TH are pulling their watches out of department stores and will be opening their own boutiques.

Hemlock commented on New (to me) Cartier Santos 2961 - Links removal ·

Good to hear! I got myself an affordable watch repair kit on Amazon for around $50. It has a surprising amount of tools and useful stuff. I use it quite often.

Hemlock commented on 35mm on 7.5 inch wrist ·

I’m the same. The PRX case is like a plank. Mine barely fits OK if it’s positioned just right. I still love it but I was very intrigued when the smaller case was announced. The 35 looks proper on you.

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Took a look under the hood.

I have a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf with the - much maligned - STP 1.11 movement. It has been acting funny lately. It initially had a noisy rotor which sub...
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Do you make sure no one is looking before snapping a #WRUW pic?

It’s a tight niche we find ourselves in. They wouldn’t understand.
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New Watch

Seiko SRPE41 4R35 Mall find. I got it discounted to under $300 so no-brainer there. I messed with the photo settings to accentuate the super dope swir...
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Which Way?

Do I use the target watch as a reward for some milestone or accomplishment (get it later) or do I wear it as shoes to fill, so to speak (get it now)?...
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I bought an Apple Watch to wear during exercise. I had one a few years back and the functionality is fine but after curling up in the mechanical rabbi...
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Lume Shot

Laco Aachen getting vibrant.
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I see a ton of billboards featuring luxury watches. While they’re a nice distraction from a mundane drive, it seems strange to see so many as if the l...
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