Vintage Seiko SNXJ

Honestly feel like this case was made for this dial. A true 80's Japanese vintage.

The Sea portion of the dial has texture added to it. The 18K gold plating is 3 times as thick as my other gold plated dials.

Nice and very pretty 馃グ

I鈥檝e said it before and I鈥檓 saying it again. This is gorgeous. I鈥檓 not even into art dials, but I鈥檇 wear the hell out of that. 馃槀

Yeah, smashed it out a da park!! Damm nice!!

That is truly remarkable, I love it聽

That鈥檚 stunning, great mod!!!!!

Still love the 馃

Wow! This is the best mod I have ever seen.馃槏

gorgeous 鉂

Another very beautiful watch! 馃憦

Amazing art work there. Really love the combination of dial and case. Those gold accents really pop. The dial is really good. Amazing Work!


What's ballpark on something like this?