A Salmon Perpetual Seiko 5

So the story behind this one is quite straight-forward, as a watchmaker I have accumulated many parts over the years, in one of my bins sat an old perpetual calender Seiko that had a fried board after the previous owner tried to change the battery himself. They do have really delicate electronic boards, and prying in the wrong place can easily short the board. Replacement boards are extremely expensive and the case the dial sat in was to say the least, aesthetically challenged. So I decided to give the dial a new life. It was not without its challenges, the dial itself is thicker than the dials used in automatic seikos, its also smaller in diameter, as well as the date window not being in the correct position. The dial feet were cut, and the dial was sanded to the appropriate thickness. The next step was to get the date window to at least be reasonably aligned, thankfully theres quite a thick frame around the date window, which was removed, allowing me to file away and extend the dimensions of the date window just enough for the date to show correctly. The frame was then placed over the window to cover the area that was filed and center the date as much as possible. Mission accomplished, without any major damage to the dial or the beautifully polished indices.. Yes, yes, its a frankenstein, its not a perpetual calendar, false advertisement, all of the above.. yes. But there is just something about Salmon coloured dials... Thanks for checking this out.

Nicely done!! Looks great!馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

nice story, you are very talented sir. thats a good looking seiko 馃嵑

Nice job.聽

I love stories like these. Sure, they are Frankenwatches, but they are completely your own the moment you modify them.