Unboxing Rolex Oyster perpetual 41

Unboxing my 1st Rolex. I am so lucky to get the Rolex Oyster perpetual 41.

Check its unboxing and review on my YouTube channel Watch Pulse. I hope you like my photography.聽





Congrats! Wear in good health.


Congrats! Wear in good health.

Thank you so much.聽

Bellissimo 馃グ

Fantastic. 聽Love the blue dial version.

Nice! The OP is probably my favorite Rolex. I love how it鈥檚 not blingy or out to draw attention - it鈥檚 not trying to be anything but a gorgeous, elegant watch. And in that it succeeds amazingly well. Congrats!

Congratulations. That bright blue is my favorite dial option for the new OPs. Beautiful watch.