Anyone for good strap replacement for a G-Shock Casioak (GA-B2100) ?

Hello Crunchers !

I'm in the quest of a good replacement strap for my newly purchased and beloved Casio G-Shock GA-B21002A-ER.

The actual strap is itself pretty decent and comfortable but I really miss a second collar to stick the end of the strap close to the watch. See below


It is one of the main concern I have on this watch and really looking for an alternative.

I saw many AP Offshore style options but have to mod the case too so the pins can be fixed, and don't want to go that way.

The other option I saw was some adapters to let replace with any strap in 22mm wide. But I found it pretty awkward and it increases the lug to lug.

 Any idea ?


Thank you mate for all this links. The fluoro is the one that seems to correspond the best.

If I am correct I think the width for the GA 2100 is 16/26mm and not 16/24. Will have to try it I presume !