My son's digital watch birthday present finally chosen and he loves it!

A while ago I posted asking for help in choosing a digital watch as a present for my sons seventeenth birthday.

I received a huge number of ideas and suggestions all much appreciated.

I went with the casio waveceptor multi band 5 illuminator World time.

Why this watch?

Well because it was heavily featured in the final season of Better Call Saul which is one of my sons favourite shows.

This made it very cool and consequently he was really chuffed with it. He is not a watch person quite yet...I am still working on him but this was a great start!

It is a pretty cool watch, I think I may get one for myself.

So thankyou Crunchers for the help and advice.

Just thought I would post the end result!

Digital watch birthday present for son?


Thank you! Saul's alter ego living in disguise uses the waveceptor to time the security guys in the shopping mall when he is planning to steal some high end merchandise. Its all done in black and white. A great show!


That's a really cool watch!


Nice watch.  Hope you son enjoys it,


Thanks chaps.I forgot to mention the waveceptor function. It updates exact time from the nearest atomic clock ( there is one in Teddington in London) so un theory is always accurate.


Great gifts for your son. 

In addition to being original, it must be very playful.

I'm sure he'll like it.


Thank you!