I Couldn’t Resist!

Just took delivery of this new to me PADI Samuari! Had an eye on this model for a couple months now thanks to some other Crunchers’ WRUW shots haha (especially on the bracelet). Saw it for a great price, pulled the trigger then sold off my Phoibos Eagle Ray and Heimdallr Monster homage.

It’s a chunker for sure, but that’s what I was looking for, a big, heavy duty diver. I feel like this is Seiko’s competitor for NH35 powered micro brands (particularly the Zelos swordfish) due to the ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal (finally!) and more modern, angular case shape.

Impressions so far are great, wears nicely for its size, great handset, cool PADI dial texture and color accents, and of course excellent lume. Pretty poorly aligned chapter ring and bezel, but hey, it is what it is. It’s on a Strapcode hex bracelet which is really nice, very heavy, but balances the head of the watch well.

All in all, a great swap for the Phoibos and Heimdallr, and going to be a good summer beach/pool watch for sure.


A fine watch and one to be proud of. Enjoy my friend!