How Did We Get Here??

Since the "About" portion of WC profiles doesn't really facilitate a narrative format, I thought I'd highlight my "watch journey" so far in an actual post. If you find it interesting, cheers! 馃嵒 I'd love to hear your story too! If not, no worries, this is as much for my benefit as anything.

The ramblings below are taken from my comments on a post about "Changing Tastes" (Shout out to @PresentDayPrimitive for posing the question 馃憤 --linked at the bottom)


My collecting journey seems to have progressed in phases:

In the early years, I wore a Timex Ironman almost exclusively.

Then, in my late teens/early twenties, it was all about BIG BOI Fossils, Invictas, Michael Kors, and perhaps a few other fashion brands. All cool watches in their own right.

From there, I got my first "real" enthusiast's watch, a Citizen Nighthawk. Wore that almost every day for about three years, followed by my first automatic watch, an Orient Ray.

I then dipped my toes into the "Swiss Made" pool, with a Steinhart Subby homage. This kept me happy for quite a while, as it felt like the "pinnacle" lol... oh, young me... so much I wish I could teach you... (No hate for homages, by the way; that Steinhart is still in my collection, and will likely always be, as I wore it on my wedding day).

After that, my collecting went dormant for some years. I was on a weight-loss journey and my Apple watch was on 24/7, tracking steps, workouts, sleep... But, thanks to a pesky little worldwide pandemic, some freed-up disposable income, and a deluge of affordable AliExpress homages, my love for watches was rekindled, and I adopted a"quantity over quality" approach to collecting for a year or so. Some cool pieces, but ultimately unfulfilling.

Next came the microbrands (of which I'm still a big advocate). They represented an attainable pricepoint for me, but offered far more unique options than yet another Daytona or Submariner homage I had been dealing in.

The acquisition of a PRX and a Lunar Pilot ushered in an era of seeking out watches with some provenance and story behind them. I quelled my desire for a Seamaster with the MIDO Ocean Star and, for the first time, I also explored the world of dressy watches on <gasp> leather straps! Orient bambinos, Sun and Moons, and Seagull Chronos. I also developed a love for Casio during this phase, thanks in no small part to discovering a few of the usual suspects on YouTube (I'm a sheep, I know, lol)

Now, in addition to finally, finally "getting" Seiko, and subsequently becoming obsessed with textured dials, I also find myself gravitating toward smaller, mid-century-inspired pieces. The 47mm+ Fossil-addled brain of my younger self would no doubt be dumbfounded by my growing number of sub-40mm "ladies" pieces. haha


I already outlined a little bit about my watch history in my welcome post from a few days ago. I won't bore you all but the bullets look like this:

  • Age 7 - 1st watch. Casio f-87w

  • Ages 9-13 multiple swatches (people figured out I liked watches so it was a constant gift item)

  • Ages 14-17 - wore a Gruen faux dress watch and got my 1st Guess Watch

  • Ages 18-25 - A few different Guess Watches

  • Age 26 - got my first mechanical watch, a Citizen ny00440

  • Age 26-present. The madness and obsession has come in waves ever since. Seiko, Tudor, Omega, Tissot, Bulova, Tag, Casio and several seiko mods and microbrands later, here we are.

Cardinal dress -> Lorus -> Timex -> Casio Gshock -> Seiko -> Fossil -> Omega -> Rolex -> Tudor -> Grand Seiko -> Rolex -> Timex -> Casio -> Tudor -> JLC

I have a problem...

That is a cool idea. I think I'll follow suit and post my watch journey soon!

Nice story of your own. I feel like many watch enthusiasts, me included, follow this decrease in size path in our taste. Also, where in this does your mido belluna fit? 馃榿