Are Rolex worth the wait?

I hope to achieve a milestone (well three really…turning 50, 25 years of marriage and getting my university degree) in 2026 and have wanted to get a watch to mark it.

I know it’s not the most exciting of watches but I have always liked the simplicity of the Oyster Perpetual - the 41mm variety.

My question is twofold I suppose, is it a watch that I could still be waiting for, languishing on a fictitious ‘list’ beyond 2026 and is it worth the wait…should I compromise on something I know that I can get?

Advice welcome and guidance welcome!


Surely that’s a long enough timeline to get an OP. I say go for it! Only trouble is the best colour is that green and you might not be able to order that one due to scalpers!


Depending on the OP color way, I don't think you'll be waiting long.


worth the wait, but as others said, you shouldn’t have an issue getting an OP.


The first watch I bought when I started collecting in 2018 was a silver dial OP36. I bought it because I loved the simple and timeless design, and at the time, had no intention of having more than one watch. Back then, I was able to negotiate a small discount, but that is obviously not the case at the moment. The Rolex availability situation seems to be improving though, and I suspect that you shouldn't have much issue getting one at MSRP well before 2026,  especially if you have some flexibility in terms of dial color.

FWIW, mine keeps great time, and the only issue that I have with it is legibility. The white gold hands don't contrast very well with the silver dial.  

If you have your heart set on an OP, then I would suggest putting your name down at an AD. There are certainly some great options available in place of an OP (the Omega Aqua Terra comes to mind), but if you've always wanted the Rolex, any "substitute" is unlikely to provide you with the same satisfaction.


OP is probably the most elegant of the Rolex family. Simplicity of design, great choice of dial options, and reasonably priced for what you get. I would recommend purchasing from an AD and not buying on the secondary market. I can't imagine the wait will be too long especially now that the market for Rolex has cooled significantly and the "hype" factor has declined dramatically.

I'm no fan of Rolex myself, and there are many different alternatives that are better value for the money from holistic quality of the watch, but you can't deny the brand value of the crown.


I believe Watches of Switzerland have closed the waitlist for the OP (might be wrong). But hopefully you can find an AD who can put you on the list. I don't have one so can't comment whether it's worth the wait. But I believe it is. 


Rolex is just massively overpriced jewellery.

If you want it, cool. No problem at all. Enjoy.

Is it worth anything? - Only what we are willing to pay for a little crown logo. 

Which is 100% fine. 

I just don't see the appeal of giving a company insane amounts of money for scummy sales tactics (preferred customers, probably faked scarcity, etc.) and a product that is technically inferior to much cheaper options and has barely had any design changes in the past century.

Its only real value is signaling to others that one can afford it. Because if going by looks alone there are a hundred thousand other good looking watches out there. 

Just my opinion. But I'm stupid so what do I know. 🤔


Surely you'd be able to get an OP long before that.  Those are significant milestones.  If what you want is a Rolex to mark them, don't get something else because it's more convenient or strangers on the internet told you that something else was better value.  These are emotional purchases, go with your emotion.


The OP is a Rolex worth waiting for. Get on the list now because by 2026 I suspect things will have changed...



Also I don't see the appeal of having the entire user manual printed on the watch dial. 

They have more crap written on the dial than most Casios. 😅


Just be willing to invest time with your AD (I assume you’re going down that particular route as opposed to grey market). Let them know you’re serious, be prepared to buy at a moment’s notice and try not to be disappointed if it doesn’t come off. Not trying to sound negative because people like what they like. If it ’has’ to be a Rolex OP41 then so be it. Nothing else will replace it. Maybe the economic climate will make it easier to get one but don’t be too disheartened if you don’t.

Best of luck with your quest!


I love the Rolex watches I've gotten, but I haven't had to endure scummy AD games. The two ADs I deal with are awesome. Both are out of state ADs that I started dealing with last year in May and June.

I also haven't had to endure long wait times. I got my four favorite in the last 17 months and wait times were six weeks, two months, four months, nine months.  The ones I waited two and nine months for I expected to wait WAAAAAY longer, so I've been pretty happy with my experience overall.  

I'm probably not the best person to answer this question since my experience is apparently an anomaly...though I doubt I'm the only one who has had decent experiences with ADs.


It's worth the wait. Get to know your AD and be specific on the dial color you want. Just be ready to buy when your AD calls. Your time frame is very comfortable for an OP. 

Side Note: All watches $80.00 to $1 Million plus are all expensive jewelry. Pilot don't need a watch to fly. Divers don't use a watch to dive. Nobod purchasing a new Speedie this week is schedule for a space EV next week. Watches areToolry = tools that have become jewelry.  A watch is a Veblen purchase.  Who cares? All jewelry is a luxury item. Wear what you love if it's in your budget. 


Try the whole Rolex line on your wrist first. The OP is kind of bland compared to the Explorer. They will have floor models to try on and don't commit until you have worn one and thought about it overnight. That way love for it can form from lusting after it. Buyers remorse is in proportion to the amount spent.


Worth the wait, for sure, you seem to understand what you want out of a Rolex.  But would I ever pay over retail for one? No.  Would I ever buy a Tudor dingus watch to get in line?  No.


I think 4 purchases in 17 months puts you on the fast track list. 

yeah, I've been fortunate with my two ADs, no doubt.  I was asking a friend of mine if I should even go for the Panda Daytona (due to having a hard enough time figuring out wrist time) and he's like 'With your luck?  You better!'.