What Percentage of your Collection is Quartz?

1/5 at the moment. For me quartz watches work especially well in a "grab-and-go" type of beater watch format. I've used to own Seiko Tunas and some CWC Royal navy divers in the past which are imo prime examples of such pieces. 馃挭

It would be interesting to see a 0% and 100% option as well聽

Intended to hit B, somehow I hit C.
Fat thumbs on tiny screen need undo button.

Zero, and planning on keeping it that way...

I have mostly quartz, have a few autos and probably won't get any more as there inaccuracy and having to keep putting them right just really bugs me compared to my quartz ones.

In the past 10 years, my ratio has been about 80/20 favoring mechanical, but I collected a lot during the heyday of quartz and tend to not let things go. Yes, it鈥檚 diagnosable! 馃樀鈥嶐煉

Quartz is fantastic and gets too much hate. 70% Quartz

None since I sold my Breitling Aerospace to put the funds into another watch. 聽 But I want to get another grab and go. 聽Thinking about the Seiko SNE569. 聽Solar with a touch of that Tudor Sub vibe. 聽 聽I'm usually fine overall with a 38mm dial (all 3 of my watches are under 40mm) on my 7inch wrist, but not 100% how this one will wear.

, 002

Counting fully digital and kinetic? Two-thirds of mine are quartz.聽


It would be interesting to see a 0% and 100% option as well聽

Can you edit a poll after it's been launched? I don't think so. In hindsight, I think you are probably right.

I'm at 5/11, which is 45%. I have two G-Shocks, one Citizen eco-drive, one Seiko Prospex solar and a EOne Bradley that's designed for the blind. A good balance I'd say.

I have about 50/50 and two hand wound ones. My favourites are all quartz and I love them. They carry on, keeping good time and rarely making you reset the time. You never have to shake or wind them either.聽

Some of my quartz' include two Victorinox INOX and the incredible Citzen Promaster 'Ray Mears'. Beautiful watches.聽

I often intend to increase my automatics, but a nice looking quartz seems to come along and gets in the way.聽

Currently I'm at 1/4, but it will be 2/5 very soon 馃檶

I鈥檓 at 3 of 8, although for what I consider my core collection it is 1 of 5聽

I have two quartz watches out of a total of at least a dozen watches. A minimum of 83.3% mechanical. I even have some super simple Swatch Sistem51 beater watches. Even a cheap watch worth less than 200 bucks can be mechanical. I have a real appreciation for the engineering involved in regulating the torque from the mainspring through to the gear train and on to the escapement and the balance wheel. I gloss over the inherent inaccuracy involved with keeping time in this manner because of the inherent mechanical beauty the machines display. These mechanical computers are engineered masterpieces created by artisans the world over and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be in a position to collect what my heart desires. My Apple Watch fulfills my needs for atomic precision and my mechanical watch fulfills my desire to wear and enjoy mechanical greatness. Cheers to all my fellow watch nerds and collectors!聽