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Kuoe Royal Smith 90-010

Now this watch is a thing of Beauty. Always been a Fan. Have a good day everyone

Let鈥檚 see your Unique Quartz Timepiece.

It鈥檚 been couple of Months and I find That I am wearing this Drumroller a lot more out of my collection. Even just sitting on my desk. I am just mesme...

Bulova Lunar Pilot Meteorite Dial

I鈥檓 pretty sure we鈥檙e all Familiar with the Bulova Lunar pilot line up by now. This one I think is beautiful and well executed but not for that price...

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commented on VCHighballer's WRUW

That鈥檚 a nice start Casio is one of my favourites. They鈥檙e like Pok茅mon get 鈥榚m all lol

commented on Solar Quartz 馃憤or馃憥?

That polishing is more a curse than a gift lol.

Especially if you have OCD

commented on Solar Quartz 馃憤or馃憥?

I like all movement Mechanical or Quartz but I tend to prefer Quartz.

commented on High Tech or Is Kalle Slaap just a Grumpy old man lol?

I think plastic parts are just more common now. I saw a diassembly of a Seiko 6R movement and also had plastic parts.

commented on High Tech or Is Kalle Slaap just a Grumpy old man lol?

I really enjoy his videos also ^_^

commented on RoyWatchLover's WRUW

Boromir approves

commented on GeneralG's WRUW

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High Tech or Is Kalle Slaap just a Grumpy old man lol?

A little information about Tissot Movement from Watch maker Kalle Slaap. Thanks as Always

First Watch of 2024 ^_^ Future Funk

I wanted my First watch of 2024 to be unique. Something Different and not your Typical Time Piece. I was looking for a Japanese Microbrand and I thoug...

Grand Seiko SBGN009 on a Beads of rice Bracelet

I wanted to put my Grand Seiko on a bracelet that鈥檚 both Comfortable and matches the watch. I think it looks good on a Beads of Rice Bracelet. I been...

Orange Seiko 5 sports on HLink Mesh

Just Arrived in the Mail today ^_^ My Orange Seiko 5 sports on HLink Mesh/Milanese Bracelet. Definitely elevates the look of the watch to a more Dress...

Kuoe Kyoto, Japanese Microbrand.

I have been looking to add a Japanese Microbrand to my collection and There are not many choices out there. In my search I found Kuoe Kyoto. I love th...

Show me The Watch you got For Christmas.

Happy Holidays. My wife got me a Made ins Japan/JDM Gshock GW-A1000FC ^_^ love it -World Time -29 Cities -Thermometer -Chronograph -Alarm Show me the...