Everyday, dress and dive watch. All for under $1000

Need an everyday watch, dress and dive all for $1000. Must be new...

My choices as you can see.

Everyday, g shock casioak.

Dress, Mondaine.

Dive, Casio Duro.

Left over money spending on beer 馃嵑


Very cool chronographs from LIP in great sizes. Several variations, with and without bracelet. 300-350$. French company with history.


These comes with and without date and with this black PVD, brushed and there is even a polished variant. Historic brand that has delivered watches to the British Forces for years. Swiss made and about 500$.

Both have everyday potential. And you are left with money for a selection of straps. Lip sells affordable milanese that would be cool. And CWC got some of the coolest fabric straps in the game.

This budget has plenty of legs to walk. Or crawl, depending on your liquid diet.

But seriously, there鈥檚 so much out there that I would say to aim at 150$ for the G-Shock and split 900$ between the remaining two.

Save the last Ben鈥檚 for beer and you will still be able to get great options.

Take your time hunting them down and enjoy that bit, it鈥檚 part of the fun 馃槈

馃嵒 cheers