Have seiko got it all wrong with the cocktail times?

As you may or may not know, I am an avid Seiko collector

and the cocktail time is one of my favourites

however are seiko missing a trick?

Cocktail times are 12-15mm thick with a 4 R movement hardlex crystal & a Great dial & hands. they cost 350-600£$€


Seiko also make A titanium quartz with Sapphire for around 250 or on sale 120 £$€ at under 9mm


we have a better material, crystal case thickness & elegant design at half the price.

All we are missing is the dial.

would you pay 300-400 £$€ for a 9mm titanium/steel leather or metal bracelet with a quartz movement with a cocktail time dial at half the weight?

slim elegant lite & mega stylish with sapphire , come on Seiko you can do it 😀👍


Honestly I feel this way about a lot of watches - they looks great, but just too fat and pricey. Slap a quartz in it, trim the fat, and shave off the price and you'd probably make some good sales.