Looking for leather rally band options...

So this lovely watch is coming very soon by mail. The leather that comes with seems nice but

I'm looking for a rally dark brown leather that would fit the 18 mm lugs but be 20-22 mm and taper down a little to give this watch the retro rally vibe it deserves!


Is cutting a strap my only option?

Maybe you saw something in the www that could fit?

Also if you have this watch it be nice to know and follow each other! Thanks!

Something similar would look so good don't you think?!?! 馃憞

I have contacted them on instagram to know if they could make one I'm waiting for them answers... 鈽猴笍

That is a beauty of a watch!

I have nothing to add WRT straps though...

Straphabit have a selection of fitted strap for Q timex case. Bespoke is definitely a great way to source your strap though. I wouldn't recommend cutting your own strap bc I'm willing to bet that you will get a proper strap for it sooner or later.

I have several B&R straps, including a few rallies. They鈥檙e all of very good quality. I recommend them.

Etsy is worth checking out, too.