If you know me you know I don't comment on watches I haven't experienced personally and I don't recommend sellers that I haven't bought from.

In addition I would never recommend a watch or seller in return for compensation and rarely offer unsolicited recommendations on anything period.

Now that we've got that out of the way I want to share my experience with Kevin, @WrongTimeWatch who runs the Wrong Time Watch YouTube channel. Kevin is first and foremost a watch geek and like many of us he buys waaaay too many watches.

Kevin's YouTube channel is one of those labor of love passion projects without overly slick production values or a cringy overly smug front man. It has been Kevin's authentic midwestern personality that has kept his channel on the ever shorter list of ones that I still watch. Tbh I feel like I've outgrown most of the other content creators that I used to watch but time viewing Kevin feels like I'm just hanging with another everyday enthusiast.

His channel isn't big enough for him to receive a lot of free product so periodically he conducts sales of his reviewed and personal collection watches to keep the whole hamster wheel turning. I often see him conducting giveaways and selling watches he has reviewed at a loss.

The watches are often popular ones in like new condition, have corresponding video reviews of the watch being offered and are competitively priced.

Kevin did not ask me to make this post and he is unaware that I'm doing so. I believe however that there is a win-win opportunity for Wrong Time Watch and a few crunchers wanting to save a few bucks on popular great condition watches while supporting a solid member of our community.

Here is the link to Kevin's most recent sale. He does consider reasonable counter offers via the email address listed in the video:


Kevin doesn't know me and probably doesn't know that I've bought several watches from his previous YouTube sales. The pricing, selection and shipping were good enough for me to want to share with others.

Consider giving his video a peek as I enjoy supporting the worthiest people in the watch space.


Thanks for sharing this info Jack👍


Dude that’s nice of you to do this!! Love me some deals 😁🥳


Jack, thank you for the support and the kind words, I really appreciate it. I will be selling more watches in the future as my watch collection has really gotten out of hand.


Cool! I deleted my response as well. Have a Great Day!