Wife's SOTC, pt.1

Watches have been a fun hobby I've been able to share with my wife since she started this journey when she gifted me a Speedy in 2019. We often go to California watch gatherings together and we have a fun routine of consulting on our respective daily and special occasion watch choices. The rose gold Laykin et Cie on the Bottom Right was a gift from famed entertainerJack Benny and his wife Mary to their daughter Joan. (She also has a watch that belonged to entertainer Carol Channing.) The Cartier at Lower Left is nearing 100 years old and the gold Rolex Hunter at Top Middle is perhaps 70. I'm hoping to post more of my wife's sprawling collection in the weeks to come since she actively avoids social media. Based on many of the watch forum comments I feel VERY lucky to have a spouse who supports and participates in a common interest.

She has a great collection and watches with a story鈥akes them that much better! I enjoy hearing about other folks that enjoy the hobby together.

Wow! I think your wife has my dream collection 馃槏 Thank you to you and her for sharing 馃檹

That's really cool you two share the love of watches. She has a wonderful collection of watches. looking forward to seeing more.

Beautiful! That cartier!

Wow, that鈥檚 a beautiful collection of watches馃憣

Your wife has a more interesting collection than 90% of users on here.

God tier.

Nice collection - I have a similar, great wife with an interesting collection who doesn鈥檛 post. I鈥檝e promised to get her collection posted to the WC group, you鈥檝e inspired me to move it up the list. Here鈥檚 just a few:


So much more interesting than my wife's collection.


Stunning collection!