Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye

For some reason I really want this watch in my collection. However, the $4,450 price tag seems a bit high. Nonetheless, it's still a cool and unique piece.


this is on Etsy and vintage.

4450 wow that does seem a bit top endy.

I love Popeye, but the price of this watch puts it way past my reach. 馃槵

At least we have the price of coolness... 4450

Good lord! Only if it came with a pallet of spinach.

I'm a fan of Reservoir and have thought about them as a potential long term grail.

The popeye is interesting but not for me. A bit like the timex snoopy I don't do cartoon characters on watches at all.

If that's your thing though then this watch is awesome!

Hmmm if it had Snoopy on it, I might just do it.

all i got is popeye's silly laugh in my head now

That is an awesome dial/watch with a totally uncool price if your gonna make something fun and whimsical at least make it affordable for the common peasants of the world (like me!!)