Pagani Design Great Alternative

I know they are homage watches and some will call them fakes, but I’ve purchased several and I have never had an issue with the quality of the watches.

I just ordered a homage, Explorer 2 GMT with sapphire crystal and AR coating, an automatic movement, with 100 meters of water resistance, and on a bracelet for less than $90. Do I think it is the same quality as a Rolex, oh hell no, but I’m not sure the quality is a $13,500 and a multi-month wait difference.

Could I afford the Rolex version? Yes, but in my mind I just cannot justify the purchase at this time in my life. This is not a knock against those who have purchased high end luxury. I’m simply saying that Pagani Design is a great option for someone who likes a design but doesn’t want to or is unable to spend thousands of dollars on a watch.


Enjoy! I feel the same way.


Homages -yes, maybe even copies , but as long as there is no attempt to copy the genuine manufacturers name/logo they definitely not fakes. I have a few and they're quite well made.


Had one for a while, it was darn good! Solid finishing, good AR, nice crystal. Downsides: poorly applied lume, meh bracelet, and the movement could be a little dodgy at times. The GMT hand would tend to “skip” when the crown was pushed back in, and the rotor was a bit wobbly. Perhaps I got a dud 🤷, but it was good value for money, and pretty cool nonetheless. Would be nice if PD spec’d it with a new NH34 if they do a v.3