...On New Years Eve, no less!

Some Canadian/Japanese apologies for the all caps title, not shouting at you, just excitement.

My bid was accepted and my first Grail is incoming sometime next week! 聽Hell yes it's a second hand watch! 聽Hell yes it's a watch with a smooth second hand!

This ain't NBD for most I know, but it's BD for me.

Now, the Grand Seiko freak, who owns no Grand Seikos, is no more!

Hmm.. does this count as 2022 or 2023 purchase? 馃

(do we count the pay date, or arrival date? So many questions..)

I know this fit perfectly well under several other posts about new years eve, but owing to my overimportant ego and excitedness, created another post to build excitement 'Crunch-wide for my big event聽

Pics above can allow some guesses - but I won't reveal until it's acutually received and parked on my desk at home. 聽The countdown is on! 馃榾


For some frame of reference: I'm the guy who successfully talked my way in to the GS studio in Shizuku Ishi when it was completely closed for COVID by Japanese gov regulations, and got staff to pose with me while masks were off 馃槀馃槷馃お


Ooo: also will give a plug for next weeks Vancouver meetup featuring the world famous @Max

Would love to hear if you鈥檝e secured any grails this year. 聽 I鈥檓 always curious what and why we decide is worthy of grail status!


It's the SLGA007 Lake Suwa!!!


It's the SLGA007 Lake Suwa!!!

Great guess! - that would be the high end of the grail spectrum, but it鈥檚 100% on the list. 聽

But I鈥檓 very happy the 鈥榗runch GS ambassador would pipe in on this 鈽猴笍

Gonna go with Skyflake. 聽What a watch!

Congratulations!!! I was in the Beverly Hills GS Boutique this week. 聽Everything looks like a keeper! Looking for my next GS聽

That鈥檚 great! congratulations on a good finish to the year!

happy new year, beautiful grand seiko 馃檹馃徎

big time congrats


Congratulations!!! I was in the Beverly Hills GS Boutique this week. 聽Everything looks like a keeper! Looking for my next GS聽

So nice to pop in a try a few on. 聽
And it鈥檚 striking how some are blah in pix and yet immaculate on wrist. (And vice versa!)聽

I'll bite. The Constant Force Tourbillon.聽

I鈥檓 in same boat, but mine isn鈥檛 a spring drive (couldn鈥檛 swing that). It鈥檚 coming from Japan in three days.

Hope you enjoy yours and share some pix!

I鈥檓 guessing the spring drive birch, cause the birch is in that collage like 3 times.聽

Huge congrats and welcome to the club!!聽


I'll bite. The Constant Force Tourbillon.聽

I second that! It鈥檚 a beast of a watch.

Congrats! Very excited for you!!

It's awesome to send out the year on a high note and start the New Year on a high note...I think you get to count it for both.

One of my most desired watches on my Watch Wall (I keep pictures of my favorite watches that I don't own on the desktop screen) was the Vacheron Constantin Overseas...and it showed up on Christmas Day!


Congratulations and a Happy New Year to you.聽

Disciples of Grand Seiko, you know the drill. Prep one for initiation

Congratulations. Welcoming the new year with a new watch is awesome. Hope you enjoy the watch. Now that you own a GS, it is our sworn duty to freak out on anyone who says anything bad about GS. /s 馃槣


The 9RA5 movement, evo 9 case and the snowy birch forest - it鈥檚 an amazing watch! 馃挭馃憦馃嵑

Thanks my good watch friend! 馃コ馃コ