Brief review of the Revelot Hexmariner 39mm

So I got these two watches one after another in a period of 2 days. The first that came in was the 39mm Revelot Hexmariner.

The design is unique and in the hand it weighs just right. The Seiko NH35 movement didn't dissapoint, although I haven't really done proper tests in terms of accuracy.  However, it's the quality of the watch that I would like to point out.

The first time I got the Hexmariner, one of the links was in a 'locked' position.  There was a slight flaw in the hex design where the first link after the SEL could get stuck in an awkward position which cause the links to scratch and scrape the inner bracelet edges (which are pretty sharp as well). I've notified Revelot about this and they have agreed to give me new SELs.  Nothing much I can do about the razor sharp inner links though.

The second thing I noticed was that the SELS are unaligned and poorly made. Which was why I requested for new SELs Even the brushed left side of the watch. did not match the brushed look on the right side.

If you have bought a Hexmariner 39, I would like to know what are your experience with it. Thanks!