Watch collecting runs into the family


Collecting watches is something that is expanding in the family.

Since January the 2nd I'm wearing a Spinnaker Hull. Still baffled by the dial and my father-in-law seems to like it enough to try to buy one also 馃檪

My son has fallen in love with my Casioak GA-B210-1aer. He's taking it with him everyday to school 聽and now I have to ask him if I can wear it 馃榿

And my daughter is wearing a vintage LIP cal. R23 circa 1965. I was initially planning to restore it and sell it but when she saw the watch she asked me if she could keep it. How can I say no? 馃槄

I must be cautious with the rest of my watches that they might try to steal in the future 馃檪

Please 馃檹 adopt me, I'll even bring my own watch collection聽

Go CrunchFam!!


Go CrunchFam!!

We have to recruit new members as soon as possible right 馃榿?