Wrist time....do you keep track of it?


Last November, I thought about how interesting it would be to know exactly how often I wear each of my watches.

Of course one has an idea of which ones you wear the most but to see the numbers in black and white could be surprising.

As I only know the basics of Excel, with some help from some Excel tutorials on Youtube, I made an Excel sheet where I enter every day the watch I wear and it gives me an adjusted ranking.

Now, after 100 days, I can clearly see that I have a distinct top 4....that I was actually not really aware of before.

I was wondering if any other watch nerds are doing this also...

May be WatchCrunch should add a wrist time tracker.. simply upload a photo to WRUW every time you rotate and it keeps track of wrist time. Or simply create a table in the account section which we can manually fill.

Observation, especially documented observation, would totally skew results were I to do this. I'd gamify and try to even things out. I mean I already casually try to do this but I have the leniency of ignorance.

The best part is this is completely sane to watch people 馃槀


The best part is this is completely sane to watch people 馃槀

Speak for yourself.


I use an app called WatcheePro to keep track of that.


A great app that also keeps track of the specs of my watches

I started a spreadsheet at the beginning of the calendar year.

This is awesome

I've found my people...


This is but a smattering of the data I collect/track. LOL

lol, I started the same thing at the beginning of the year. Hard to go by days because I may switch watches so I focus on wrist time, lol!