Poppy proud of her Christmas present for her Dad

This is a Christmas present but Poppy allowed me to give it a check over before she wraps it up for Christmas day.

I love the way this watch wears and feels on my 6 3/4 inch wrist. I wasn't sure when first saw it but really like it in the flesh. This is number 422 of a batch of 500. I believe that this is a limited release but that due to its success in selling out in 8 hours there maybe a different version in the pipeline. How it will differ I'm not sure but if it's a good as this I may well try for one of those too.

It gives me a similar vibe to my Citizen titanium Ray Mears watch with the wide bezel.

Great purchase! Enjoy! My dog approved too!

Congrats and enjoy! 馃嵒

I already own 3 Explorer look alike, otherwise I think I might have got one when it was announced.

Nice watch. I really like it. I was too late and "Rangemaster" was sold out so did not get it. Enjoy.