New watch day tomorrow ( hopefully!)

I watched a YouTube video the other day and discovered a watch witch I fell in love with instantly.

Anyway I was knocked out with this particular piece while surprised by the fact that it was not on a watch channel but a motorcycle channel (another of my passions) .

The guy doing the video , who goes by the name Stuart Fillingham enjoyed his own personal watch so much he made the video to demonstrate that motorcycle riding and mechanical watch wearing are perfectly compatible, despite alot of advice to the contrary.

At the end he explained who he got this from as the brand are or have been difficult to come across in the UK untill recently. Well over the next few days I checked the site out and found that this company are the only UK based firm who deal solely with the brand in question. I also found alot of other watch's which I like from them as well and had at one point 8 items in my basket馃槅

Well at the end of the week (yesterday for me) I skimmed it down to two. Then to the original piece I had seen Stuart speaking about. Pulled the trigger and to my disappointment got a message that the item I had ordered was out of stock and please go back to choose an alternative.

Very disappointed I decided to call them directly and spoke with a very helpful gentleman who explained that I had actually managed to purchase their very last one in the colour I had chosen. Also the model was discontinued and they won't be getting any more.

So hopefully it will be arriving sometime tomorrow, and I'm really excited to see it.

The watch is nothing out of the ordinary though it is quite unique in a way being a lovely mix of pilot and field watch. It's a brand I was unaware of untill this week but I feel it will be an absolute favourite .聽

I just hope Royal mail aren't on strike tomorrow.

The brand is Orient Star the watch is the Outdoor Sport ( I think馃し) I look forward to getting it on the wrist and posting a few pics.

Orient is a subsidiary brand of Seiko that has been making in house movements since the 60s or 70s and then was purchased by Seiko Epson later on. They still make in house movements for pretty much all but their lowest end models. Orient Star is like their version of Grand Seiko, but more attainable. Excellent taste! I had their non Star field watch and parted with it a while back. I expect you will have an incredible watch on your hands very soon!

Great Pilot's watch!


Great Pilot's watch!

I hope so, It certainly looks fantastic .Just checked the delivery and it's due sometime today so I'll know soon enough.聽

Very excited for this watch.

This is the Tudor Ranger Killer 馃 How do you like it? I only hear great praise for Orient Star!!!