Birmingham clock and watch fair meetup today.

Just want to give a short shout out to the great bunch of people we meet for the first time today in real (non WatchCrunch) life. 

@Watchwitch  and myself @Droptuned83  arrived at the National Motorcycle Museum to visit the watch fair with 



@Stricko  We had a great morning and chat with these three, who made us really feel welcome and were all really good company. Felt like we had known them all for ages instead of having only just met.

Really good day . Thanks one and all.

The fair was our first one and though neither of us bought anything (most unlike me, quite proud of myself restraint actually) we did get one of @Watchwitch pieces into a trader who is going to repair it for her. Needs a new movement we think. The other three scored some really cool pieces , it was a fun experience and looking forward to doing it again now we know the score a little bit better.👍😄👊



And it was great to meet you, nice to put faces to names and hopefully we'll have a get together later in the year.