Casio W-36 (Marlin)

Intercepted this on its way to a charity shop, it must be around 40 years old (1980-1983) and in superb condition. I was around the age of ten to thirteen when this was new.

Probably kept in a drawer most of its life. Fear not, i will take care of you for the rest of my life.

Great pickup! Casio watches just last forever.


Great pickup! Casio watches just last forever.


I have been close to getting on of these or its w-35 brother in a couple of auctions in ebay but they always went really high in price compared to what I decided to offer. Do they have a specific historical value compared to casios with similar module from similar era?

Lots of different information face layouts, the ones with dots independent from the line border are rarer I believe. Mine has yellow dots that I think are rarer than red dots. Think the yellow look better but I would say that as that's the one I own 馃槣