Cotter Pins

Are cotter pins universal? I tried to resize a watch with collar pins for the first time and I bent 2 attempting to put them back in. 

They have since been removed and straightened and I will bring my watch to my local store to get sized. 

Just curious if I need to order a brand new bracelet from the manufacturer or if I can just buy new pins?

I did find these here and was curious if worst comes to worst, can these be used in any watch bracelet? 

While we’re on topic, are spring bars also universal (i.e: 20mm spring bars can go on any 20mm lug-width watch)?


Cotterpins for mechanical applications come in a wide array of sizes but for the very very small pins that you're looking for you may need to look for some pretty specific pins on a specialty stores website. Good luck!


I'm pretty sure a collar pin and a cotter pin are totally different things.

I would assume that a jeweler has an assortment on hand that should be sufficient.

Spring bars to a length are almost totally universal, though the diameter that goes through the band can be variable.


They have to be inserted in the correct way and from the correct side. There are indeed various sizes, but I keep some split pins, which always do the job if loctite is also used 


Do you have an image?

I can't imagine you bent the pins that are from the link you posted. Those fall almost all the way in and you just give them one whack with a hammer and they are inside. If you did sonehow damage such split pins, yeah, I guess those could fit a variety of watches so long the width of the hole is narrower than the tip but wider than the tail.

The pin and sleeve type of business one the other hand I can totally see being bent and those unfortunately have much tighter tolerances and I cannot imagine it being standard width.


I've ended up getting them embedded in my fingers while trying to remove some. 


Thanks for the input. Went to the jeweler today and it‘s all good. Picture for proof: