It's best if you don't know lol

I bought this watch in 2013 or so.. a time when I was into watches (and cars) but didn't know anything about watches. This watch and my white Movado alternated on my wrist for 5-6 years. The Movado was for dressy times and this guy was most of the other time...

All I knew was Momo was cool, heck...I didn't even realize this was a GMT until last year lol

But after really getting into watches I've learned that 46mm is supposed to be too big for my 17cm wrist (actual watch dimensions are 46mm D x 57mm L2L x 12.8mm Height).

However, I still like this. My 42mm Hamilton looks too big on me now, but my 42mm Seamaster fits awesome. I'm guessing the internal bezel on the Momo and being all black helps the dial not seem so big... plus being titanium and not so thick makes it wear nice.

The point is, I guess, that you really need to try on watches to see what you like... really hard to tell from specs.

I like this. 馃

Well done!

As you are into cars, you know the Momo brand and if it reminds you of the time you spent modding/driving cars, very cool. We all have watches we owned with neat stories, even if they are not necessary to our current tastes.聽

When you go past 100 mph the 47mm looks like a 36mm with all the vibrations... great watch with a unique gmt design. 聽It is nice to see a different industial design.

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Woah didn't even know Momo made stuff other than steering wheels. Honestly looks like a rad watch.聽