My review on Grand Seiko SBGX261

Greetings to all from harsh and cold Russia!

I decided to share my latest purchase on this forum. Sorry for my english from translator.

Remote work has led to the fact that I simply don't need mechanics for every day. I got tired of fiddling with setting the date and time, so I sold the Omega Speedmaster Date, haggled with the GS boutique, paid a little extra and purchased the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SBGX261 on quartz caliber 9F62. I wanted to buy something at least Omega level, because the choice was obvious - Grand Seiko.


Before buying, I managed to find and try on this model and I realized three things: 1) Grand Seiko fits perfectly on the wrist and this is their main plus. 2) The finish of quartz models does not differ from mechanical ones. 3) Grand Seiko also has problems.


The most interesting thing is the third point. I was convinced that the Grand Seiko is a product that is close to ideal in terms of assembly, but what was my surprise when I saw that the second hand does not fall into the marks! Moreover, the deviation was quite serious. Okay, I thought, maybe I came across the only such copy on the planet, but when the dialogue with the boutique began, I requested a video and found the same thing on their watch. I think that this is absolutely unacceptable for such a price segment and it slightly diverges from the statements of Grand Seiko, but they have models on quartz and are much more expensive ... And numerous bloggers have noted the fact that in comparison with other brands, quartz GS have a second hand that hits exactly the marks.

However, this did not stop me, I asked the manager to rummage in the warehouse and there was a watch that had an arrow on the video at least in most cases and they were successfully purchased by me. The discount was given to the attendant - 10% and thanks for that. Plus cufflinks as a gift. It would be possible to get cheaper on the gray market, but firstly the difference was minimal, and secondly I was attracted by the creation of the GS9 club, one of the conditions for joining which is to buy watches from an official dealer in Russia.


According to the impressions of the watch: visually and tactilely, the watch feels expensive. The design is simple, but stylish and fits any outfit. The size and height are ideal for a wrist of 16.5 cm. The marks and hands without luma look great, this is the second main plus of this watch. Thanks to the power of the 9F caliber, they are the same as in mechanics and their faces can be viewed endlessly. Beautiful bracelet and clasp, but only visually. Polishing Zaratsu is impressive, but for the most part I consider it marketing. Under the magnifying glass, no dust particles, specks were found, but I admit that in some instances they may be. Sufficient water protection of 100m in 99% of cases. Interesting back cover with a lion. The date window is in the color of the dial, for this I give a standing ovation.


What I attributed to the minuses: I would like the dial to be more interesting, maybe more prominent, but apparently such a luxury is not allowed to the poor; a disgustingly creaking and strumming, but comfortable bracelet, instead of which I already bought a lizard strap; strap size 19mm; lack of micro-adjustments and of course a second hand.


For those who have switched to remote work, who are tired of heavy mechanics, who have grown old (I am 28), who have a small wrist, who want to try high-quality Japan, who are impressed by the incredible caliber 9F, who appreciate manual labor and details, who want to service the watch once every 50 years and change the battery for free, who want to join the GS9 closed club, who does not pursue the goal of impressing others with watches, but really gets high from them themselves, I recommend buying the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SBGX261.

Thank you for your attention!


Very nice! I love mine! Also, the second hand on mine doesn't hit the markers on about half the dail. The other half is dead on!