Tandorio GMT with NH34 Movement for less than $100!

US $96.60 31%OFF | Tandorio 40mm Sapphire Glass 20ATM Diver NH34A Movement Automatic Orange/Black Men's Watch For GMT Fuction Luminous Fold Clasp


Tandorio recently released their 2023 models, and included is the absolute rock bottom price I have seen for a watch with the new NH34 movement; less than $100. Pagani Designs, Bliger, San Martin, and Tandorio...AliExpress has a number of options for a GMT with the new NH34, and all of them are unbelievably priced. Even the San Martin is under $300, more than $100 below the lowest price for one of the new GMT movements outside AliExpress. I have had really good luck with Tandorio and am considering adding one of these to my collection. After all, it is less than $100.


I have few for a week. One of them doesn't work, something wrong with movement.

Case ok, bracelet could be better, clasp is piece of s##t sharp and tight as hell (consider to put it on nato strap).

Movement (that works) is pretty accurate, about 2 min for week for now.

Buy it for fun and to have NH34 in collection.