Is My Wife A Collector Now?

My wife and I are having a dispute. She has a small collection of watches but has never actually bought one (I have bought the ones she selected), so she has denied ever being a collector like me. However, she saw this vintage watch on ebay, fell in love with it, bid on it, and won the auction. I say she is now a collector. She still denies it. What do you think? edit: based on a comment by @OscarKlosoff, I am adding another answer.馃榿

She鈥檚 a collector but I鈥檓 sticking with my vote for C. Don鈥檛 rock the boat mate. 馃槈

Honorary collector.


Honorary collector.

Wife loves this! I'm going to have to add that as an option!

She selected the ones you bought. She won an auction.聽

Between you and us, she's a collector.聽

Between you & her, she's whatever she says she is.聽

You have a choice here: You can be RIGHT, or you can be MARRIED.聽

So what鈥檚 it gonna be, punk?


So, she鈥檚 keeping these watches? She has gotten them together amongst her personal belongings, in a form of鈥ollection one might say? But she denies that she is a collector? Option A.

Don鈥檛 push it.. before you know all your watches are hers. She will order the straps for her size and you can only admire your favorites from the confines of watchbox and on her wrist.聽
i have stopped talking about watches to my wife after losing 3 to her.聽

I voted "don't argue.."

Most of the women don't think like men do. No surprise there.

It is like they say that they don't play video games but they are playing Candy crush on their phone馃. Oh well.

Married 33 years. Enough said! lol


You are either very brave or extremely stupid because one doesn't engage in disputes with wives or GF unless one is ready to admit that they were right.

Remember, women change their minds and feelings on something several times a day... and often don't know what they really want... or have a constant insecurity of what they want. So, what do you think is my vote? 馃お

She鈥檚 at least an honorary collector, but the correct answer, now and always, is C!聽

E - Your wife is trolling you 馃お馃槤

Sounds like she likes watches because she likes you. Say you disappeared from the picture somehow, would she still collect watches then?

I say let her be, it's a fruitless argument, even amongst us watch folks. The definition of "collector" is highly elastic. You can have a number of something without "collecting" it, ie you can have a closet full of shoes without being a shoe collector. Does she care about watches as watches? Does she think about, learn about, research them in her spare time? Does she think of them as a collection of watches, or as an extension of her jewelry box, where she might also have a bunch of rings and necklaces? You say she picks the watches you buy for her. Is she active about it, like, "I want X next," or more like, "if you're going to get me a watch, sure, I guess that one looks nice."聽

Reframe the question... She is not a collector, like you are not a collector. 聽This is your out... you don't have an addiction... you don't ask or spend time on watch forums because you don't have a problem...