Gifts for the Grandkids!

I received these two watches yesterday. They are gifts for my grandkids, both of whom I have done my best to infect with my passion/obsession for watches. I think my grandson has taken to the hobby a bit more than my granddaughter, but they both enjoy having small collections.

Anyway, the Sanyo digital is an older model I ran across while doing some searching on eBay for additions to my digital collection, and I am gifting it to my granddaughter. The red LED watch is a Citizen Q&Q retro release I found for my grandson, who really likes my Bulova Computron.


Awesome!  What a fantastic way to share something special with your grandkids!

One day, if god willing, I get grandkids, I'm definitely going to try to get them into watches.  And do stuff like this:

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