Help: Choosing a watch on Jubilee bracelet

Good day all,

Been searching the forum for info, most of what I've seen is watches put on aftermarket jubilees but that's not what Im looking for. Same on the web, not easy finding good feedback that isnt about the Rolex GMT 2 or some Speedmaster.

Short version, Im looking for a watch that originally comes on a Jubilee:

  • 40mm case or under
  • No more than 13mm thick
  • Max lug to lug of 47mm
  • Style: Sports, diver, dress-ish
  • Budget: 4,000£/4500$ (id like to stay on the upper end of that budget to make sure i get good quality specs/mvt/finishing).
  • Can be sourced quite easily so I can try it in a showroom/AD here in London, UK. Id like to stay clear off the online-only offers and hard-to-source limited editions.

I think that's it. In advance, thanks a lot!!


@Didier this is a super tough spec list to bring together with a Jubilee, without mentioning the obvious which clearly way above the 4k mark.

The only thing i can think of remotely close is offerings from Zodiac. with your budget you could have two colour ways if inclined. in Uk easily sourced 


Thanks a lot for your input!

I like the dial of the first one, even though it's 42mm, but that bracelet looks more like a rice bead bracelet. And while Im not very keen on the dial of the second watch, it is a 40mm with a nice jubilee (and the reviews show a very handy strech system at the clasp for micro adjustments).

I guess there's not much offering at my price point. I wonder if the answer wouldnt be BB58 with an Uncle Seiko jubilee. Not my favourite option, but hey...