Today I bought this watch knowing I may well never receive it.

Today I bought this watch knowing I may well never receive it. I do desperately hope I do, not because I'm dearly in love with the watch (though I do think it's great) but because it would mean the person sending it to me was at least safe and well for now.聽

I was lurking about on eBay this evening (looking for NATO straps, I promise!) when I came across some unusual looking (mostly vintage Russian) watches being shipped from Ukraine with interesting unusual looking dials and not break-the-bank money. I have had every intention of saving my watch-buying money for now, but I just felt that supporting a Ukrainian watch seller at the moment could be a good thing to do (I'm sure I've seen someone else on here has bought a watch from Ukraine recently also). I pinged the seller a question to see if he/she was still safe to ship.

I got the following reply:


So yes, I bought the watch, and I really hope it arrives one day.

They have lots of interesting watches for sale, which I think are a mixture of vintage, refurbished and franken. I also like this BEAST which is 53mm and 16mm thick. I think it must be a marriage watch ( but I just love the look of it and maybe I could use it as a wall clock 馃槅


Anyway, I have no idea who this seller is and no connection to him/her other than a love of watches, but thought I would post incase perhaps anyone is interested in what he/she is selling. Looks like they do straps and other bits too.

Seller ID: sergeyjc

Stay safe everyone. 馃檹

Terrible things happening just 700 km from our domestic border. Refugees now coming to all of EU. Let鈥檚 hope everything end up well for Sergeyjc and his family.

So sad what is happening right now, thoughts and prayers with Sergey

i hope it will be over soon 馃檹馃徎馃檹馃徎. lets hope for the best