Do you want to play a game?: WC Scavenger Hunt

Who's up for a scavenger hunt?

Each week I will post a list of photographs to be taken. These will range in difficulty and each picture will be given a set number of points depending on how challenging it is get.

At the end of the week we can tally up the points of all competitors into a leader board and a fresh scavanager hunt list will be issued.

At the end of 4 weeks whoever is top of the leader board will be the winner.

As well as walking away with the glory of winning the inaugural WC Scavenger Hunt, I will put my Watch Crunch leather watch pouch up as the prize, and I may even be able to convince Team WC to send out a more goodies if we get lots of interest. @Max 馃槈

Full disclosure, I have a cruel sense of humour. Some of the photographs requested will be ridiculous, but that's where the big points will be. There may well be extra snap challenges mid-week, probably asking you to do stupid stuff for more points.


Let me know if there is interest and I will start planning. 聽

Edit: I'm happy to send the prize anywhere in the world I'm legally allowed to.聽

Edit: There seems to be enough interest. 馃帀

It will probably make sense to start it tomorrow so that we can complete this ridiculousness before the real crazy business of Christmas begins. 馃憤

@Deeperblue's idea of a game...

Smuggled copies of Squid Game spread inside North Korea ...

Using the site or an app like goose chase?

I'm not very good with technology and apps, in particular if they must interact and sync somehow, but if it works via this site and my phone camera is good enough I am interested.聽


I'm in. 馃榿

I'm in. I need a hobby.聽


I'm in. I need a hobby.聽

Does it mean that you finally give up collecting watches? 馃ぃ

im willing to try


聽But I鈥檇 try

Yep. I'm in.聽


When do we start? Let's go!!!

I鈥檓 ready for big prizes!


Does it mean that you finally give up collecting watches? 馃ぃ

Right now my hobbies are watches and wine. I'm not quitting either one but I should cut back on the consumption. 鈱氾笍 馃嵎 馃檪

I'm here for it 馃ぉ