Is the Oceanus line worth it?

I'm genuinely curious. How does the Casio Oceanus stack up against other watches in its price range? Is it worth $425?

In a word, yes! See the many reviews praising the level of craftsmanship and high degree of finishing. It may well be the last watch you ever need.

I'm not sure about all the range but I believe some are limited with strap options due the design.

You mean Oce-ANUS? Lol

You can鈥檛 get better with the material (titanium with a coating to make it tougher for the S100 pictured), finish (look at the shiny polished edges - a rarity for titanium) and the overall convenience and ease of use of the watch.

I have the T200 and I love it!

I had a t200 and it was outright ridiculous quality for the price, it literally made most microbrands pointless,

For some reason I sold it,

I currently have one on the way from Japan 馃ぃ


You mean Oce-ANUS? Lol

Funny,really describes mine馃榾

Nope,my 800 is the work watch I own.It鈥檚 atomic,but it never sets itself.Even if I reset it.It鈥檚 solar with low run time.Date is always wrong too.Ots durability is pretty crappy too.Lasted about 4 years.Wasn鈥檛 a cheap watch(price wise).