End of Year Kudos to my Fellow Watchcrunchers

We Watchcrunch community members often embody Plankton’s obsession to obtain the secret Krabby Patty recipe in our quest for watch collecting nirvana.


As I have robustly participated in these shenanigans (since last April when I joined), I have discovered a community of thoughtful, insightful, witty, urbanely satirical, precocious and sharply-intelligent souls with whom I have had the pleasure to engage…and sometimes spar. Indeed, the sentient quality of most I have encountered in these forums has helped restore my faith in humanity and reinforced my pride in our species. In addition, it has helped remind me we are more similar than dissimilar, and more cohesive than fragmented…even though we may reside from each other as far away as a day’s plane ride.

Kudos to all of you (as there are too many to personally name), and your families, as we globally close out this year and relinquish it to the choppy waters of history. 

What has been your Watchcrunch experience this last year?


Great folks, great watches, great place to be…