Anybody have history with an Egard watch?

I’ve been shamelessly poking around cyberspace…which has led me to a small wormhole of relatively powerful gravitational pull called ‘Egard Watches’.

Egard Watch Company V2 Poseidon Filigree Steel. $595.00.

Do any of you fine horoligicaly-inclined know of this brand who may launch some personal essence my way through the ethereal firmament? Because some of those hand-stained cases and bracelets are whispering to me from the radio signals coming out of my molar fillings!

Patriot Steelmaker Egard Watch Company. $265.00.

As always…much obliged!


Looks pretty generic? I did consider a Seamaster Professional Quartz at one time that had the bracelet and case handcarved like that first watch. Very beautiful 😊


Those online commercials that pop up on YouTube put me off.