Love About Effing Time, but I don’t agree with Adrian that the Omega AT is overrated.

A few days ago I was watching About Effing Time, love that podcast, Adrian said that he considers Omega AT overrated because it’s more expensive than the Seamaster 300.

I don’t agree with him, if you compare the AT with Omega’s Globemaster or Rolex OP and Datejust, I think the AT is a great watch for the money. I know Omega depreciates more than Rolex.

In that case probably I would rather say that Omega Seamster 300 is a bargain compared to AT.

What do you think guys?


I guess it depends which ATs Adrian is referring to. The new ATs that aren’t really out yet start at 6300 where as yours started at 5900. The 400 dollar delta is somewhat substantial as it makes it more expensive than say a 36mm OP which you could say is it’s natural competitor with all the different colors. It’s also subjective to what specs matter to you more, metas certification, exhibition case, and date or higher power reserve and accuracy


lol consider the source. He thinks a Rolex explorer from 1998 is better than a new aqua terra.


Love the AT. Adrian is nuts…

It should be on the Underrated side .

What’s not to love about these? I’m biased though.


I’m enjoying the podcast and About Effing Time guys.


I love the AT too but when I saw the price I was surprised as well. In my mind these were the entry level into the Seamaster family so should be priced lowest of the Seamaster collection. Maybe that’s not what Omega intended but that’s how I felt 🤷🏻‍♂️


Didn't Adrian sell his Submariner because he was "scared to wear it?" I think I watched a video of him telling a story like that, and I just couldn't believe what I was watching. Everytime I watch him on YouTube, that's all I can think of...Although I do think he has since gotten another one...

Anyway, the Aqua Terra is a great watch, no doubt. However, I do believe the Seamaster Diver 300m is more of a bargain. I'm just surprised the Aqua Terra costs more money. My 2 cents...


If anything, the AT is underrated.


I’m glad to see that others had a similar reaction. I really enjoy his/their content. And I agree that it may cost less to make a 38mm AT than a D300. (Of course the 41mm AT has a different movement, which may cloud the issue). But I really disagree with his assertion that the AT is overpriced compared to its “peer”, the OP. I believe the AT’s peer is not the OP, but the Datejust. Compared to the DJ — its true peer —, the AT is a bargain!


I think Adrians issue is that he measures everything in relation to rolex.

In rolex a sub costs more than a dj/op - there in omega an Seamaster 300 should cost more than an AT. Therefore, that the AT is more expensive is WRONG and must be fixed.

Also I think he's importing some of his view of market reality. In his view Rolex is a more prestigious brand than Omega and therefore the AT should cost less than a Rolex equivalent. That may be true - or may not. From what I know the AT sells quite well, I see few on the grey market and whats there isnt at huge discount so Im not sure of the facts underpinning his arguement.