Consolidation Considerations

I'm trying to consolidate my collection. I have a few shops in my region that do trade-ins. So I've been trying to do sensible 3 for 1 trades of models I have not been wearing and I know that won't likely change soon. I'm a bit cocerned with selling directly on eBay or Chrono24 as I don't want to deal with all the questions, hagling etc.

How do you handle consolidation of the collection? Thankful for tips and ideas.


Join groups on Facebook, do trades and swaps. I'm on the UK one & done multiple deals in the last couple of years. It is a bit risky and taken on trust, but hang around a while & get to know folks & you'll be fine.

Ive done trades on Sumos, Alpinist,Murph, Laco & many more. I've currently got a Zelos & Seiko 55 on there, but no offers yet.

There's high end stuff too - mostly Omega and Tudor & GS. I've not dabbled there yet as I'd want to do trades of that value in person (which is offered,but I'm not able to travel often).

Most of all be patient.

Anyhoo, hope that's some help, or at least sparked off some better replies.

Good Luck 馃憤馃徎