A gorgeous day and a new Seiko. My first diver on a rubber strap. Fills a hole in my collection. So many Seikos, so little time!!


Congrats on your new Seiko!

Thank you!!

Nice choice! 馃憦馃徎


That鈥檚 my favorite one of the regular 5KXes. It reminds me of an well worn pair of converse high tops. The rubber strap on it is so comfortable. And amen on the last part!

You have an super solid collection, Connie


Thank you. Yes I love the strap. Super comfy. I鈥檝e got it bad, it鈥檚 so fun to see these watches in the metal. But then it鈥檚 hard to leave without one.

Wow what a gorgeous picture and watch Connie, enjoy! I am a big Seiko fan have a few. Including the SKX007 which looks very similar to that. They are great daily watches and the bezel is very useful especially when parking.

Solid choice on that 5kx. Seikos are my favorite. 馃檶馃徑

Nice view out your window too Connie , I would presume you鈥檙e an Ocean person so perfect watch !